Mamluk Silver Dirham

AED 440

Trade between the Crusader Kingdoms and the Islamic world would increase following the end of the crusades. The Mamluks based in Egypt would export traditions and games like tarot cards abroad through trade.
Medieval Europe was known to engage in trade fairs throughout the late 1300’s -1400s AD. These festivals held largely in the Kingdom of France managed to pull traders from as far as Byzantium to the Islamic kingdoms of North Africa and led to much cultural and economic exchange. The Mamluk Sultanate would primarily be based in modern Egypt and would take some of the lands ancient traditions for itself. The first tarot card decks introduced by the Mamluks during this period would come to be the basis for modern playing cards and would be traded to the French for Gold and Silver. These early decks consisted of four suit cards consisting of Sticks, swords, cups and coins.
This historically important coin was one of the most important trade coins in the medieval world. Add this Silver Dirham coin issued during the crusades to your cart today!

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  • Silver Dirham from the Mamluk Caliphate.
  • Minted between the 11th-16th┬ácentury.
  • Packaged in a protective plastic capsule.
  • Includes an attractive plastic display and informational story card.
  • Obverse: Arabic script with mint names and family titles.
  • Reverse: Arabic script with dates and declaration of faith.

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