Wild Wild West

AED 844

This expertly-compiled compilation of 20 coins entices you on a journey through the cultural history of the Wild West. Each individual coin is an exuberant document of an impressive era. The central element of this unique collection is the complete series of the ‘Westward Nickels’, which makes the conquest of the Wild West a subject of discussion. A further highlight is brought to shine through means of the first 5 ‘Native American Dollars’.

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This unparalleled compilation is complemented by the original Sacagawea Dollar, which serves as the model of the ‘Native American Dollars’ series, 4 specially-chosen ‘State Quarters’ as well as ‘National Park Quarters’ featuring expressive Wild West motifs, not forgetting of course, 2 historical coins, which include a 1 Cent ‘Indian Head’ coin and last but not least, a 5 Cents ‘Buffalo Nickel’

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Wild Wild West


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