Leaf.ae: The Most Important Investment You’ll Make This Decade

The Most Important Investment You’ll Make This Decade

20th August 2016

The Most Important Investment You’ll Make This Decade

 Silver is likely the most undervalued asset available to investors today! Sometime in 2017-2018, with the current Silver prices around $20 an ounce, we believe the world will face a major supply disruption in an essential resource that we all use on a daily basis! We are all silver dependent. This metal is in our phones, laptops and major electrical lines that are powering all our technological requirements.

This precious metal is used for healthcare, pharmaceuticals, water treats, solar electrical grids, vehicles, bandages, RFID chips, weaponry, and 1000s of other every day uses. With Central Bank negative interest rates and a global recession, physical demand on Silver is surging! This is why at leaf.ae we see a significant opportunity for investors today. Big Silver mines are shutting down as supply is running out of steam. As a result of this, we are noticing a reduction in Silver production at a time when demand on this metal is rising. Looking at the drivers behind the demand, both industrial and monetary, Silver prices are only going to increase between now and 2020. We expect demand will continue to outpace supply in the coming 24 months.

According to the World Silver Survey 2016, published by the Silver Institute, ‘Silver retail investment and Jewelry fabrication hit a record high and mine production growth declined to its slowest pace in 4 years.’ The same report emphasizes on the fact that the Silver market saw an annual physical deficit for its third consecutive year in 2015.

The world is facing a Silver shortage and an increase in the price! Here is how we and our subscribers are planning to take advantage. The best way is to own physical silver that you can easily access. Your physical portfolio should include internationally recognized Silver Coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf and American Silver Eagles, both backed by their governments as well as Silver Bullion bars minted by International brands. Start building your portfolio now as time is running out. Once Silver prices break the $21 an ounce resistance level…it will skyrocket.

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