Leaf.ae: Top 5 reasons why you should own Gold?

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Gold?

Top 5 reasons why you should own physical Gold:

#1     Gold is Universal Money

For thousands of years, people used Gold (and Silver) as money. It has been valuable historically and used as a medium of exchange and a tangible store of value and wealth in any country. It has only been a few decades since the world de-pegged global currencies from Gold. Gold has a bigger and richer history as money than any existing fiat currency today. At leaf.ae we believe Gold will return as money in the near future as countries, one by one, fail to support their economies and currencies.

#2    Gold cannot go bankrupt or devalue to Zero

Gold is limited and rare, and has never fallen to zero value. All fiat currencies historically collapsed and devalued to zero. No currency ever survived. In fact, over the long term, Gold prices have continuously increased over the past few decades while fiat currencies depreciated in the same period. Gold tends to increase significantly in value during economic uncertainty or recessions, like the ones we are facing today.

#3   Central Banks are printing like there is no tomorrow

Central Banks, including the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, are engaged in monetary policies such as Quantitative Easing and Negative Interest Rates that will ensure continuous weakening of their currencies. They are taking such measures because they have no other choice. Their debt-based economies and economic models are failing and they are hopelessly trying to print their way out of recessions. Ever heard the term Currency Wars? Central Banks are guaranteeing the gradual depreciation and ultimate collapse of fiat currencies through such policies.

#4   You Cannot Print Gold

We can print fiat currencies, and we have printed trillions of cash through Central Banks for many many years, but we cannot print Gold. Gold is limited, if we take all the Gold ever mined in the world, they will only fill two Olympic-size swimming pools. Gold is also difficult to mine and extract, and there is a growing demand and a limited supply, which means that Gold will continue to be real money and a store of value, and currencies will eventually fail.

#5   Central Banks and Governments buy Gold

In order to protect their own assets and economies, wealthy Governments and Central Banks have always kept Gold reserves. If they recognize Gold as money and a store of value, so should we. The top 10 Gold Reserves are: United States, Germany, IMF, Italy, France, China, Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan.  Become your own Central Bank and start building your own Gold reserves.